Friday, February 28, 2014


We spent a week in Forster/Tuncurry not overly sure weather or not to recommend staying here.
The town itself was quite busy, reminded me a little of a small Gold Coast without the hustle and bustle. A confusing description I know but the best I can come up with. The ocean and lakes were stunning but not a lot to explore as far as bush walks etc go.
The van park we stayed at had a lovely bush area at the back with a boat ramp and a walking track around the edge of the lake.

On Wednesday we had a day of scenic touring today, drove down to Seal Rocks and the Myall Lakes National Park. As per usual we had trouble reading maps and signs so had a extra drive which took us to a track down on to the beach. Retraced our tracks and went the right way to the Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse Carpark. 
Had a steep uphill climb to the lighthouse but well worth the effort as the views were stunning.

From there we drove to Nernie Headland Picnic and Camping area. 
Had lunch here and I walked up to the old cemetery 
and headland lookout while Fred chattered to the rangers that had stopped for lunch.

Retraced our way towards Forster stopping to look at Smiths Lake Village and the Ruins Campground in Booti Booti National Park.
Got home just in time to get the washing in before a storm hit.
Saturday we drove out to Cape Hawke and walked up to the lookout, 
it was only a short walk up to the lookout and then you climbed up to a viewing platform that gave a fantastic view back to Forster and out across the lakes towards the Myall Lakes area.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Robertson and Bundanoon

Wednesday 12th February

Got up drizzly rain this morning but decided to go out sight seeing anyway.
We did the Tourist Drive 15 which took us to Bowral then thru Robertson to Carrington Falls
 we drove thru really thick fog most of the way but the falls were clear. 
Then back thru Robertson to Belmore Falls,once again we drove thru thick fog but the falls were clear and fine
Both falls were good but Belmore the more dramatic.
Back to Robertson for lunch, trust us to pick the worst coffee shop in the place only had weird and expensive things on the menu so just had a coffee. From there we drove to Moss Vale didn’t stop there just drove thru back to Bowral. Stopped at the Sir Donald Bradman Museum but only walked around the grounds didn't go into the museum as it was quite pricey and I'm not that interested in cricket.
Fred then checked out the bowls club before we returned home via another scenic drive around Mt Gibraltar.

Thursday 13th
Today we went to Bundanoon and Morton National Park. First stop was Erith Coal Mine, 
a steep walk down to the remains of a coal mine from the 1860’s, was really beautiful when we got there, 

a beautiful pool, small waterfall and the fenced off entrance to the coal mine. It boggles my mind that anyone actually found the coal seam, let alone mined it in such an inaccessible spot.
From there we drove to Echo Point, not sure why its called this as there was no echo. There were a couple of women sitting underneath the viewing platform, so of course Fred has to climb over the safety fence and join them for a chat. 
Then walked to Mt Carnavan Lookout returned to the car and had our lunch. 2014 has gotten off to a good start didn’t forget any of the picnic
After eating we drove on to Bonnie View Lookout which was a bonnie view then on to Beauchamps Cliffs, Grand Canyon, Sunrise Point and Tooths Lookout which were all viewing spots looking out over the Illawarra Escarpment from slightly different angles.
Next it was on to Fairy Bower Falls, a very steep walk down to a viewing platform at the top of the falls, the walk down to the bottom of the falls were closed, it was very steep and rough so we probably wouldn’t have walked down even if it was open.

From there it was in the car and onward to the Riverview and Mark Morton Lookouts showing the river at the botton of the gorge.
We stopped in Bundanoon for a well earned Iced Coffee and wander up the street before heading for home. Stopped in Exter to have a look at St Aidens Church.

Saturday, February 15, 2014


We spent the Australia Day Weekend in Mildura with my daughter Krista and her family. We stayed at the Golden River Caravan Park which was really kid friendly with pool, games room, tv room and a volly ball court as well as go-cart hire which was a big hit with the kids.

We went to Wentworth for a day to visit the Perry Sandhills which are about 6kms from Wentworth. They cover about 400 acres and are formed from wind erosion and are constantly changing. The kids had a ball running, slipping and sliding up and down the dunes.
The grown-ups were intrigued by the giant gum trees growing up thru the sand. They are supposed to be about 500 years old.

From there we went where the Murray and Darling Rivers meet and converge into one, there is a viewing tower you can climb for a birds eye view.

We had a picnic lunch here and Fred and Alex had a fish while the rest of us relaxed and watched the wildlife before going back to Mildura.

While in Mildura we checked out the wharf and Loch 11 we were lucky enough to be at the Loch when it was being opened which was fascinating to watch and nothing like I had imagined it to be.

We also visited the Inland Botanic Gardens this was a little disappointing as it was a little unkept but considering it is run by volunteers they are probably doing the best they can but in saying that there were some lovely plants.