Monday, December 30, 2013

Jervis Bay

Tuesday 3/12/2013

We went scenic driving today, visited Nowra and Booderee National Park in Jervis Bay, which much to my surprise isn't part of NSW but is a Commonwealth Territory. 
We drove around the area and had a look at Iluka Beach and Green Patch where you can camp, the water was the most beautiful green in close to shore and a bright blue out deep. 
Then to Scottish Rocks which were pretty ordinary and next it was Hole in the Wall which for some reason smelt really strongly of sulphur. 
Next stop was Murrey Beach where we walked to Governor's Headland where if we had of thought to bring swimmers and towel we could have done some snorkeling.
Had some lunch and then continued on to Cape St George Lighthouse ruins and lookout, which was all very interesting.
From there it was back to Nowra where I got a bit stressed navigating, worked it all out on the map, but it wasn't marked that have the street had been turned into a pedestrian Mall so we had to detour around it and try and find our way back to where we need to be, had to do a u-turn or 2 but eventually found our way to Hanging Rock lookout. From there it was across the bridge to North Nowra to look at The Grotto which once again we had trouble finding and when we eventually got to the right spot it was pretty shitty which matched both mine and Fred's moods so decided to head for home. Did stop off at the Cambewarra Lookout which is ½ way between Nowra and Kangaroo Valley and it was well worth the stop as the views were stunning and helped to put us both back into better moods.
The decision at the end of the day is we plan to return to Jervis Bay but having been to Nowra we don't have to come again.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Friday 29/11/2013
Left Goulburn today stopped at Marulan and did the lap of the main street looking at the old building and then had a nice coffee, back in the truck and on to Moss Vale. We were going to stop for a look around but as it was raining we didn't bother. Then had a slow drive down thru the Kangaroo Valley, was very steep with way to many tight S bends. We are camped at Bendeela Reserve, a really beautiful free camp with heaps and heaps of wombats. Drizzled with rain all day.
Saturday 30/11/2013
Had a rest day today, a walk around the camp area (about 5 kms) was the only energetic thing we did all day. The camp area is very full and busy tonight. We have a young couple camped beside us, the girl came from Batlow. She was a Quamby

Sunday 1/12/2013
Drove up to the Fitzroy Falls. 
Did the walks along both the East and West Rims.
Lots of Rocky Escarpments and 3 waterfalls plus a lovely ferny grotto. 
Was very pleasant but did have to share with heaps of people which is something we aren't used to we generally have the parks we visit to ourselves.

Then drove down to Kangaroo Valley for a very late lunch and a poke around the shops there,a look at the Hampton Bridge then home.

There are heaps of Wombat walking around tonight, even got to pat one that is very tame. There is one under the van scratching himself as I write this.


Monday, December 23, 2013

Bungonia National Park

Today we went to Bungonia National Park. We had a few different walks to choose from so decided to do the Yellow, White and Orange Walks as they seemed the most interesting and well within our capabilities.
 We did the Yellow walk first as it was the hardest, it went to the Jerrara Canyon Lookout. Part of the walk was steep up hill and rock scrambling along and over a creek til we arrived at the lookout which gave us a view down the Canyon which was steep and rocky. From there we drove to Jerrara and Adams Lookouts which were just short walks from the car park and both lookouts looked out over the canyon in different directions.
Time for some lunch and guess what today I remembered everything. It was then on to Bungonia Lookdown which looks down the canyon to Bungonia Creek and across the valley to a Limestone Mine which has been operating for over a 100 years.It seemed a bit bizarre to be looking at a mine in the middle of a national park.

From this carpark we did the White Walk to the Mt Ayre lookout which looks down to the Shoalhaven River, the walk goes all the way down to the river but was a steep climb recommended for experienced walkers and we like to walk but aren't that adventurous.

Next stop was Kerrileau Picnic Area where we did the Orange Walk which was a really easy amble to another lookout over the valley and from there it was back to Goulburn. Bungonia wasn't as dramatic as the other parks we have been to recently but was still excellent and well worth visiting.

Friday, December 20, 2013


--> Spent the day looking at Museums.

First stop was the Goulburn Historic Waterworks which is the only complete operational steam powered water supply in its original location in the southern hemisphere. It was supposed to be a self guided tour but as we were the only people there we got a conducted tour from the caretaker, who was a real character and very passionate about steam engines.

We got very good value formoney as the entrance fee was a gold coin donation.

Next we went to the Bradley Grange and Goulburn Brewery which is Australia's oldest industrial complex sadly its one of those places that advertising makes it sound better than it is, the bright spot is the entrance fee included a tasting of the ales and stout they brew, the stout was quite tasty.

Home for lunch then up Rocky Hill to the Goulburn War Memorial and Museum. The Memorial is a tower that you climb up and have a 360 degree views of Goulburn. They also have a small Museum of War Artifacts and Memorabilia which was quite interesting and once again really friendly staff that were happy to share their knowledge with us, and once again entry was by gold coin donation.

Then it was home for Fred to watch the end of the cricket.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Wombeyan Caves

Thursday 21/11/2013
Got an early start this morning and drove to Taralga to the Showground and set the van up and then went out to Wombeyan Caves.
Did the Mares Forest and Limestone Canyon Walk with a little side detour to the Painted Cave,
its only a small self guided cave with lighting on a timer but it gives you plenty of time to look,
the cave goes thru to a ledge that looks down Limestone Canyon.
The canyon has steep rocky walls with a creek running thru it, then onto Fig Tree Cave which is also a self guided cave but you have to pay to go into this one.
This cave was so much better than Abercrombie that we visited last week, was well lighted with a recorded commentary as you walked thru and the limestone formations were beautiful.

We had hoped to do a guided tour but they have a minimum number of 4 before they will do a tour and Fred and I were the only ones there.
Went to have lunch and discovered I had outdone myself I didn't just forget something I forgot the whole Picnic Basket. Luckily the Kiosk sold basics like pies and snag rolls so were able to eat.
After lunch we did the Waterfall Walk which followed the Wombeyan Creek to the waterfall
and then around the hill to an abandoned Marble Quarry back to the car park. It was a hard walk and we were buggered when we got back.
Then it was back to Taralga to batten down the hatches before we got hit with a humdinger storm.