Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Hi All
We are back on the road for a few weeks so will restart my travel blog
Our first stop was Scotts Head, what a gorgeous place to spend a week. Not a lot to do tourist wise but perfect for rest and relaxation.
 Lots of walks along the beach and on the tracks around the headlands. We watched Dolphins play everyday and most importantly for Fred he caught a couple of meals of fish.
We did go out scenic driving one day, it didn't go quite according to plan. We left Scotts Head intending to go via back roads thru the forrest and lookouts in Ingalba and Collambitti State Forests but my navigation skills (or lack of) let us down and we got hopelessly lost so back tracked to the highway and went to Taylors Arm on the tarred road from Macksville to have a look at the 
"Pub with No Beer" and surprise surprise they sold beer.
 We had a lovely lunch and nice chat with a couple of old locals propping up the bar. On the drive home stopped and picked a bag of bush lemons as there were trees loaded with fruit all along the road.