Friday, October 31, 2014

Millmerran part 2

Tractor Pulling

This was interesting and much to my surprise I really enjoyed watching it.
As far as I could work out it is old restored Tractors that compete against each other pulling a weighted sled over a track seeing who can pull the fastest over the longest distance. ( I may be wrong so if you know definitely what they are doing please feel free to correct me.)

Stage  two
This is where they have smaller shows and demonstrations happening I watched a presentation by The Cast Iron Boys on how to use your camp ovens and a cook-off with Paul and Blair from my kitchen rules both were very enjoyable, there were other shows held here but I didn't bother watching them as you can’t fit in everything happening over the weekend so just have to pick what interests you.
Camp Oven Cooking Competitions

These were happening over the whole weekend some were interesting to watch and others a bit boring so we just wander back and forth watching them in between everything else  

Market Stalls
As always there were the usual markets stalls that are part and parcel of a festival so had tastes of lots of yummy food and sips of wine and of course had to buy what I tasted and liked.

There were lots of other things as well that we didn't have time to watch and if I list them all I will be here forever so in summary The Millmerran Camp Oven Festival was a great weekend

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