Monday, December 8, 2014

Carnival Legend Cruise

As the cruise lasted 11 days I will do my blog over a couple of posts so you don't get tired of reading.
Our cruise left from Circular Quay in Sydney so we flew down the day before and met up with my
2 daughters and their spouses and my 3 grandchildren who flew in from Adelaide to join Fred and myself for the cruise.

I will start with describing the ship and what we did abroad and then describe the islands we visited.
The ship was huge it is 963 ft long with decks 2 to 10 for the sailing guest which number 2124 when full and approximately a 1000 crew to look after us and believe you me the staff do an excellent job, always smiling and helpful whatever the problem.
I won't list everything on the ship as this post will go on for ever but there were a heap of eateries, bars and entertainment areas to suit the different ages from very young to very mature.
the ship
looking overboard
The Punchliner Comedy Room
1 of the bar areas 
dining room 
every night we had a different towel animal on our bed

The deck at night

part of a deck
Our first port of call was Noumea and it was my least favourite stop of the whole cruise take away the  different language I could have been at home, my view may have been tainted by it being sunday and nothing very much was open but suffice to say I probably won't return.
a beach in Noumea

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