Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Cruise continued

Our first island stop was Lifou  and the morning started a little stressful as Fred and I disagreed on where to go.  Fred reckoned we had to go one way and I reckoned we had to go the opposite way. We had been told about a really wonderful snorkelling area and our instructions were to walk up the hill past the white church to a car park  but they forgot to tell us there were 2 white churches and we of course went to the wrong church and couldn't find a carpark so after a nice  long uphill walk until we flagged down a passing car and asked directions and sure enough we were going the wrong way so retraced our steps to the intersection and had a family discussion and decided we would just find a nice spot and snorkel. While Fred Jay and the 3 kids hopped in the water the girls and I explored a little and took about a million photos.

From there we made our way back to the main beach area, Fred Erin and Renae went to a cave area with a fabulous swimming hole and Kris, Jay, I and the kids returned to the beach and swam til it was time to return to the ship

The next days stop was the Isle of Pines. We all enjoyed todays island so much more than yesterdays.
The beach and snorkeling were excellent and the island really picturesque.

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