Sunday, December 14, 2014

cruise part 3

Mystery Island
Had a very early start and were on the first tender to leave the ship this morning but so worth it to get our snorkeling in early before the hoards got off the ship. The water and coral here are stunning. 
We snorkeled and swam until lunchtime then we split up to wander around the markets, Fred and I had a mooch then went and had a cup of tea. Was so quaint you got a teapot cum kettle of hot water and 2 mugs and 2 teabags and a piece of cake, the table was rough planks and the chairs and in fact everything was old and mismatched but the people running it were so polite and friendly. I so regret I didn't think to take photos.
Mystery Island is a "deserted" island but as ships pull in almost every day and islanders come across from another near by island and set up their markets stalls to sell the usual tourist rubbish I personally thought it was a misrepresentation and felt a little cheated


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